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Center for Laboratory Quality Assurance and Calibration

          a. The focal point for planning, implementing and reporting of the following activities: Provide professional direction to the lower levels, inspect, supervise, and provide technical assistance in the implementation of activities on testing quality assurance, equipment calibration, biosafety, biosecurity, chemical safety, laboratory radiation safety of medical facilities in the Central district; storage of microorganism strains; provide ready-made culture medium; decotaminate specimen instruments, laboratory glass bottles, infectious waste.

b. Scientific research, international cooperation; application of related scientific and technical advances; training to improve professional and technical capacity in the assigned field

c. Collaborate to provide the following services: training and technical guidance related to quality managenment, quality assurance, biosafety, biosecurity in laboratory; testing, calibration, verifying laboratory equipment, chemicals, biological products, external quality assessment service and implement other services as prescribled by law.

d. Perform other tasks assigned by the Director.