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Department for Vector Control and Border Quarantine

         a. The focal point for planning, implementing and reporting of the following activities: Provide professional direction to the lower levels, inspect, supervise, and provide technical assistance on prevention and control of vector-borne diseases and parasitic diseases, border health quarantine; insecticide and disinfectant chemicals for household and medical use.

        b. Collaborate to provide information, communication; monitoring pathogens, risk factors; prophylactic treatment and public health management; scientific research, international cooperation; application of related scientific and technical advances; training and training to improve professional and technical capacity in the field of parasites, medical entomology and health quarantine.

        c. Coordinate to provide consulting services, prevention and control of disease vectors, insects, parasites; perform testing services to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of insecticide and disinfectant products for household and medical use for organizations and individuals according to regulations.

 d. Perform other tasks assigned by the Director.